The Route

Our overall plan sounds simple enough. Drive from New York to Argentina. But the reality is that we’ve got a convoluted set of goals which will take us on an incredibly indirect route. But it’s the journey not the destination which drives us. We have family and friends scattered across the states and countries throughout the Americas. There a few very specific places we “must” see before the end. Which is how we put together this rough route. Are we driving through somewhere you’ve got some info on or want to join us on? Shoot us an email and let us know! The more the merrier and the more information we have the better prepared we’ll be.

Currently, we’re only sharing this map with friends and family. We will take this down in the days leading up to our trip (for safety reasons). If you want access to this map while we’re traveling, let us know and we’ll share it with you on Google+.

The ‘Merica Route

We only have 2 weeks slated for our drive across the United States. Our original plan was to go West with stops in Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona before turning back around to go to Texas. Winter Storm Thor has decided to get in our way and blow snow and ice on our route. We have thus decided to reroute and go South, literally running away from the cold. The new route will include stops in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana with our last stop in Texas.

After getting to Dallas, we’ll put the car in storage and fly back to Hong Kong for a quick side trip to see family and go to a wedding. Two weeks in Asia and we’ll be back to La Bête to cross our first border and head south.

The Path to Panama

By this point we will have 3 months left for our trip. Unfortunetaly Central America got the short stick on our plans and we’re only going to do 1 month getting to Panama. This means skipping quite a bit of Mexico, as well as Guatemala and Honduras entirely. We are not knocking these places, in fact they are high up on our list of places to see, but our logic is they are relatively easier to visit sometime in the future by more typical means (those “aeroplanes” people use). Our route takes us to the Yucatan peninsula fairly quickly to get some diving in. I can’t wait to explore the Cenotes again. Then we’re hoping to meet some friends on one of the beautiful islands off of Belize. The Blue Hole awaits! After that it’s a quick cut through Guatemala and Honduras to take us to Nicaragua, where an old high school friend awaits to show us the beaches of San Juan. After that we’re planning a long convoluted route exploring the jungles of Costa Rica until we drive into Panama to have our car shipped across the Darien Gap.

See something we’re missing? Want us to stop by and say hi? Want to join us a say hi? Let us know!

Exploring South America

The final goal and destination. Neither of us have ever been to South America, and we intend to take our time enjoying ourselves. After shipping the car to Columbia, we’re planning a coastal route down the West side of South America before cutting inland towards Buenos Aires. There’s sure to be some exploring done on this side especially with the list of friends we’re planning on stopping to see.

Our route will first take us East into Venezuela to see some friends who have promised us an unforgettable time out in the country. We’re hoping to make it as far East as Angel Falls. After that it’s back west to Columbia, not a lot of solid plans there yet except to visit friends in Bogota and hopefully get recommendations on where to go and what to see. However, we’re told that it’s very possible our road trip may end here as it has for many people who’ve never left Columbia due to all it has to offer. However, I what remains will get us moving west to Ecuador, where we hope to have time to get out to the Galapagos islands before starting the long drive South. We’ve got plans to learn to kite surf in Northern Peru before spending days hiking our way to Machu Pichu.

The last part of our route will take us south to the mountains of Chile and Argentina. Unfortunately it will be during the winter months, but so long as it’s milder than New York’s winter this year, we’ll be fine. We’ve got some time slotted for friends in Santiago before finally driving east towards Buenos Aires, where we hope to have enough time to sell our car and explore a bit of Patagonia before calling the trip to a close.

Map to come

That’s it. Just a little drive south across roughly 15,000 miles. Again, if you’re going to be anywhere along the way or you want to join us, let us know! Email us at


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