Natasha and Ean took off on an epic adventure road-tripping from New York to Argentina in a short 4 months. Their route took them through the southern states and then across 14 borders with Argentina as the final goal. The whole journey was accomplished thanks to “La Bête”, their faithful Toyota 4Runner, which was equipped with a mobile kitchen (including a juicer) so that Natasha and Ean could cook healthy and juice daily even in the most remote parts of the Americas.

Ean and Natasha

Ean and Natasha both grew up in Hong Kong together, but most recently have been living in New York City. After Ean got accepted to graduate school in California, they decided to take a big trip in between New York and California to explore Central and South America. Originally the plan was to backpack for 4 months, but the more they talked about it the more they realized they wouldn’t be able to go that long without cooking their own meals. In fact, the thought of going more than a few days without their morning veggie and fruit juice had them figuring out how to bring it with. Thus they decided to drive. With a mobile kitchen in the back and more space than a backpack for the comforts of home, they were ready to get lost in Latin America.

Check out the complete list of stories at http://www.thejuicingnomads.com


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