Costa Rica – Off To The Clouds We Go

The road to Monteverde was steep, narrow and within ten minutes the temperature had cooled down 10°C. We spent a very comfortable night camping around a bonfire with an open view of the starry sky. The next morning we hiked the famous Monteverde hike. Now that is a jungle! Trees covered with moss, incredible biodiversity at every canopy and the most colorful birds I have ever seen. But it was not the cloud forest everyone had described, probably due to the fact that we were there for the dry season. So off to zip lining we went! We did the two “Superman” where, as you can guess, you are strapped to the zip line by the back and off you go from hill to hill- over 1.5km (4920ft) long and about 90m (300ft) from the ground! That is the closest we will ever come to flying! Next came the Tarzan swing, which they might as well call bungee jumping. An exhilarating 43m drop! Next we decided it was time for a little TLC and the hot springs were calling our name. We checked into a nice resort nested under a volcano and enjoyed 2 days of doing nothing but hot springs, clay masks, a Swedish massage and a chocolate mask for me (don’t try eating it, I speak from experience.) With heavy hearts we waved goodbye to the only little bit of luxury we had gotten in the last 2 months and drove to Rio Celeste, a paradise often overlooked by tourists. The waterfall is an opaque turquoise blue, making the view so magical that I half expected a unicorn to come prancing around. As you continue the hike you will cross rickety bridges to the Teñidero point where two rivers collide. The pH change (acidity) causes a material in the water to change size and become visible, reflecting the sunlight and therefore making the water this turquoise blue.

We drove right up to Monteverde and found our favorite campsite in all of Costa Rica

We are not really flowers and fauna people, but Monteverde was so thick and full of life we couldn’t help but be captivated by the jungle that surrounded us. Warning: We kind of went a little nuts with the picture taking.

After Monteverde we went on a canopy tour with Adventura.

The last part of the canopy tour was a 120 foot “Tarzan swing”. Warning: GoPro’s do not make for the most flaterring selfies, especially when in freefall

A quick drive around Laguna de Arenal took us to Montana de Fuego to relax in the hot springs

After Arenal we took off North to find Rio Celeste, a river recommended by other travelers. Note: these photos are not touched up at all for saturation. This is actually how this river looks. It was hard to believe even when we were staring at it.

After Rio Celeste it was time to drive back to the coast. So much more to explore in the highlands, but not enough time.

Recommendations: Monteverde Stay: La Colina Lodge (includes yoga studio, bonfire and indoor lounge with wifi) Monteverde Zip lining: Aventura Canopy Tour La Fortuna Stay: Montana de Fuego Resort & Spa


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