Costa Rica- And the Heat Goes On

Costa Rica took us on a roller coaster through its scenic but bumpy routes, from sea level to the clouds. We started off on the Nicoya Peninsula, camping on Playa Hermosa then Playa Samara. Samara was an extremely small town but there was a little open garden plaza that was home to a lovely bakery, organic superfood market, delicious vegan burger place and a zen yoga studio, amongst other things. It was everything we needed at this point. The next stop was the Orion belt of surf cities: Santa Teresa, Playa Del Carmen and Mal Pais. Santa Teresa, the best of the three, has little shops and hip cafes that blend into the surf culture. We went on to Montezuma, a tiny beach town that we loved and highly recommend! People were friendly, the beach was two steps away and we were close to the falls. We spent Earth Day half an hour away at Cabo Blanco. We unfortunately arrived too late to walk to the island at low tide but we still enjoyed the grueling 4 hour hike where we saw monkeys, ant eaters, army ants and coatis. We left the peninsula on a ferry that took us and the car to the port in Puntañeras. The whole process was surprisingly organized and the crew made sure to entertain us with old school Britney Spears songs.

Welcome to Costa Rica!

A stop near Samara put us on one of the most picturesque beaches of the trip, Playa Carillo

First things first, time to hammock

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The drive down and around the point of Nicoya put our suspension to the test.

Santa Teresa proved to be a little too busy for us, but still worthy of a visit thanks to its cool character.

A rough night full of bugs and a rough drive would take us across the southern point of Nicoya. And it was all worth it to get to Montezuma

But it was all worth it to get to Montezuma

Montezuma falls made for a fun climb.

Montezuma beach turned into our favorite little beach town.

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve was a grueling 4 hour hike in the heat and humidity

With more wildlife than we had ever seen in our lives on one hike. It was truly fantastic.

After it all, we were ready for the mountains. North to the ferry and on to the highlands.


Samara Eats: Luv Burger (Vegan burgers and other options)

Santa Teresa Eats: Chicken Joe’s (fish tacos and rotisserie chicken)
Santa Teresa Chill: Zwart Cafe (Gallery+Cafe in one)

Hiking: Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve ($12 / person but completely worth it)
Montezuma Stay: Hotel Montezuma
Montezuma Eats: Local veggie cart in front of Ice Dream


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