Where are they now?

We’re done!

We did it!

15,000 miles, 14 countries across 2 continents in a a mere 4 months!

La Bete is waiting patiently in Buenos Aires for her next owner to continue her adventure, but for now ours is done. We are settling down in Los Angeles getting used to life again with one address. If you’d like to see the route we took it’s below with every stop along the way. Keep in touch with us or send us any questions you may have if you are about to undertake an adventure like this on your own!

Where we’ve been

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18 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. You guys are so inspirational! Currently living out of a truck as well, but I have not yet started traveling. You guys are giving me the push I need to finally fulfill my travel bug.


      1. Rented a shipping container (shared it with someone doing the same trip). Shipped from Colon to Cartagena. All in that cost about $1k


      2. Wow that’s pretty high! You guys had this all figured in before though right? I was trying to look at your route but it’s blocked. Very curious about this trip.


      3. Just wondering what you guys were doing for jobs before you went travelling?

        Seems like one of those things that requires more cash than it looks like.

        Any general figures cost per month all included? (Fuel, food, any other fees etc)



      4. I think we’re going to write up a post about costs detailing as much as we can. Subscribe and keep a look out for it. 🙂


  2. Can you guys write about how you planned your finances? I am graduating in the Spring and before I head to grad school or my career I would love to take a trip like this! However, making a plan for financing the trip as well as bills is the part that is leaving me hanging. Would love to hear what worked for you two!


  3. What was it like going across boarders, dealing with the different legal aspects, and interacting with people? Would you advise being fluent in Spanish or is it possible to wing it?


    1. Highly advise having some Spanish, but we know people who have gone without it. Boarders aren’t bad. Just take time. About 1.5 hours each to deal with all the paperwork. No prep needed except some googling


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