Cow Town Dallas

A big 400 mile drive northwest from New Orleans took us to Dallas, the last stop on our american route. We said good bye to Louisiana through typical cajun spring weather, sunny one minute and torrential downpour the next. This was the first full day of driving we had since the first two on our way to Nashville. We found podcasts were definitely a big help for the longer drive. We binged through 10 episodes of Serial, a podcast about a murder case from ’99. We were so indulged with it at one point we almost ran out of gas.

At one point during the drive we did pick up a hitchhiker. We know the risks, but come on could you resist giving this little guy a ride?

Hang on little guy

We only had 2 nights in Dallas before flying out to Hong Kong, but still managed to get a good intro to Dallas and Fort Worth. A friend of Natasha’s graciously toured us around Dallas. The downtown area and art district were surprisingly walk-able and overall had a pretty relaxed vibe. After a tour of Dallas we found our way into a Cavenders and Sheplers and finally managed to find Tasha a pair of real cowboy boots. If you’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots, get yourself a pair (especially if you’re ever through Texas). They will quickly become the most comfortable leather shoes you own, and it’s hard to not feel awesome in a good pair of boots.

The highlight of the two days was actually in Fort Worth. Both nights we had dinner at a Tim Love resteraunt and both nights we loved the “new american” twists on traditional Texan food. Woodshed Smokehouse was a fancy take on wood smoked BBQ and Lonesome Dove had a wild collection of appetizers we made our way through. Rabbit-Rattlesnake sausage, Elk sausage sliders with blueberry jam and Blue Corn Lobster “Hushpuppies” were just a few of the treats from one of our last “fancy” meals of the trip.

Cowboy Chandelier in Lonesome Dove

After all that we made our way to Billy Bob’s, Texas’ biggest honky tonk. For those of you that have never been to a honky tonk, here’s the premise: A country music bar with cheap beer, a small stage and a large dance floor. The dance floor is key, because if there’s nowhere to two-step it’s not a real honky tonk. Natasha got a kick out of line dancing while she tested out her brand new cowboy boots. I tried to remember how to two-step from my West Texas days, but our best efforts were still pretty embarrassing. The whole night was one of our best yet. Billy Bob’s has video games, pool, dancing, live music, multiple bars and a complete rodeo arena (which unfortunately only has shows on Fridays/Saturdays). Natasha was so intrigued with the dancing, music and people that she parked herself on the edge of the dance floor, where they have a mini bar made for people watching. I reminisced about my days in the Texas “oil patch” and found myself wishing I had my cowboy hat, boots and belt. I highly recommend anyone spending anytime in Dallas to plan at least one night at Billy Bob’s, and if you can’t make it for the weekend rodeos, I saw signs advertising “Beach” volleyball in the rodeo pit on Tuesdays.

Time for some line dancing


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