Louisiana Horse Farm | New Orleans

Let the good times roll

When I was young my family and I would stay at Bed & Breakfast farms in New Zealand. Those are some of my most treasured memories so I thought it would be fun to find a farm here in the South. In Eastern Louisiana you will find Splendor Farms, a remote horse farm spread across 75 acres. Population: 30 horses, 4 goats, 1 sheep, 1 pony, 1 donkey, 1 cat, 4 dogs and about 50 DachShunds puppies for sale.

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We went horseback riding on a trail filled with swamps, though my horse Charlie seemed to be tripping through the water and mud a lot and I was sure I would soon be getting a nice organic facial. Nothing beats a natural mud mask! By the end we were starving and we couldn’t wait to cook up some pasta with homemade pesto. The problem was that the propane gas fitting didn’t fit the grill’s regulator, so we were left microwaving water for over 10 min to get boiling water. We even tried putting the pot on a hot iron to act as a burner and I’ll let you guess what the result was….complete failure.

Attempting to cook pasta on an iron. No it didn't work.

The rest of the stay included fishing, playing with puppies who would bark themselves hoarse at our arrival and feeding goats that were big selfie fans as you can see below.

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The next day we made our way to New Orleans. Unfortunately it was pouring rain so the city wasn’t as busy as it would normally be. We went through the flea market, voodoo shops, hot sauce shops and ate the most delicious beignets at Cafe du Monde while enjoying live jazz music. That night we had Cajun/Creole food and went to dueling piano bar Pat O’Briens. According to the man sitting next to us who has been coming every year for over 50 years, Pat’s hasn’t changed one bit and the pianists had also been playing there for 20 years. The bar is also known for being the original creator of the famous New Orleans Hurricane cocktail. During World War II, due to difficulties importing scotch, bars were forced to buy 50 cases of rum for every case of rum or whiskey. Pat O’Briens started experimenting and so the Hurricane was born.
Despite the rain Bourbon Street was lively at night and bead necklaces were flying left and right. I also got to ride my first mechanical bull, which is much harder than it looks and of course my lovely boyfriend asked the man to make it more challenging, but I held on for a while!

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  • Splendor Farms – Excellent farm stay with horseback riding included with a nights stay. Find their specials on LivingSocial!
  • Royal House Oyster Bar – Decent New Orleans’ style food and excellent char-grilled oysters.
  • Pat O’Briens – One of the oldest dueling piano bars in America. Also the origin of New Orleans’ “Hurricane” cocktail.
  • Bourbon Cowboy – No trip to Bourbon St. is complete without a ride on the mechanical bull.

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