Day 1 – The Drive Begins

I forgot that driving west means the sun will be in our eyes every afternoon. Even with the sun blinding our vision while trying to keep up with 70mph traffic on I-78, nothing beats a good sunset.

Sugar + Explosives
Fireworks in a convenience store? Oh Tennessee.

I’ve actually driven this highway twice before. Once when driving from Wisconsin to New York and then back when I drove from New York to West Texas. Both times I was in much more of a hurry than this time, not to mention alone. It really makes all the difference being able to take your time and enjoy the ride. But with New York already hundreds of miles behind us I wonder if all the prep is going to pay off and what are the chances we actually make it to Argentina in 4 months.

We ended up calling it a night somewhere in Virginia and spent the night at a creeky old bed and breakfast. Another big day of driving for day 2, but then we’ll have sometime to relax.

Better to focus on the here and now. The first destination: Nashville, Tennesse.

Random fact of the day: I can’t listen to Sarah Bareilles’s “Love Song” without imagining a T-Rex playing it on the piano.


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